EPAK Company Introduction


EPAK is a German developer and manufacturer of stabilized maritime VSAT and TVRO antennas. The fully automatic satellite tracking antennas bring broadband internet and TV reception to any seagoing vessel. The EPAK portfolio includes antennas with dish sizes from 45 to 130cm, making them suitable for commercial shipping, private yachts, ferries, coast guards, fishing fleets and the marine. Apart from hardware, EPAK also offers satellite broadband services with worldwide coverage.  





PRO is the latest development of stabilized antenna systems, incorporating a 3-axis servo belt motion system plus automatic skew for ultimate performance.



EPAK maritime satellite antennas tested at the most challenging sea conditions.


The antenna automatically tracks the satellite signal by adjusting the dish reflector. On the simulator the EPAK antenna is passing the most heavy maritime motion profile defined by the Global VSAT forum. The results show a highly accurate and reliable alignment with a maximum of 0.2 degrees depointing. By maintaining a constant connection to the satellite, maritime antennas bring TV and Internet to moving vessels. 


 Telenor Satellite approves EPAK DSi9 VSAT antenna for THOR 7

EPAK’s DSi9 antenna has officially been type approved by Telenor Satellite to operate on THOR 7’s Ka-band mobility service.The service will suit commercial shipping and cruise operators as well as private yacht owners who require connectivity offshore with similar conditions as they would experience on land: high upload and download speeds, no data limitations, flexible contracts and manageable cost.

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