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EPAK has extended its product portfolio to include Kymeta‘s electronically scanning, flat-panel satellite terminal for yachts and land vehicles. The u8 antennas come with a range of data options to provide mobile internet access via satellite or hybrid satellite/cellular networks.

Making internet at sea accessible to a broader group of users

While the installation of VSAT terminals for satellite communication at sea has been steadily growing over the past years, not everyone has had a chance to participate, yet. Kymeta u8 Terminals can be the ideal solution for small and very small yachts in the Mediterranean Sea, that have limited deck space and are looking for a lightweight internet antenna and fixed package data contracts.

The antennas can typically be delivered, installed and activated within a matter of days.

Future Proof

The upcoming LEO and MEO constellations are currently revolutionizing the satellite industry. As soon as the OneWeb constellation becomes commercially available, it will provide worldwide coverage and high speeds to Kymeta terminals. (Modem upgrade required).

Fields of application

There are a lot of areas where flat-panel antennas can be integrated, ranging from land mobility (rail, buses and recreational vehicles) to the maritime sector (commercial fishing, commercial shipping and super yachts); from the border security to the public safety: anywhere a reliable communication solution is needed.

Please contact us to discuss the options for your particular project - maritime or land mobile.

The Kymeta Hawk u8 is a complete connectivity solution ready to provide on-the-go communications when and where you need it. This flat-panel antenna is based on Kymeta's industry-leading, electronically steered terminal and mounts easily on vehicles and vessels to provide seamless satellite or hybrid satellite/cellular connectivity.

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HAWK u8 Properties

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Low profile, aerodynamic design, native DC power input, and a range of accessories simplify vehicle integration.

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A multi-WAN architecture combines the best of satellite and cellular networks to provide seamless connection via an integrated WiFi access point* while on the move.

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Access to terminal metrics, edge content, and connectivity management tools is available via a cloud-based portal and app (Kymeta Access).

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With a reusable shipping case, the Kymeta Hawk u8 GO terminal provides the fastest out-of-the-box communication anywhere—just add power.

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The LEO-compatible antenna offers a future-proofed platform that can be converted to a LEO configuration when available.

* Available in Hybrid sat/cell terminal configurations.


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