EPAK R6 | Sat-TV at sea

picture of Sat-TV marine R6

Reflector60 cm
Radome Dimensions71 cm x 69 cm
Weight16 Kg
Elevation Range+5° to +85°
Skew MovementManual
Max. Tracking Speed12°/s
Number of Receivers1 / 2 > 4
Number of Satellites Storable4
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R6 | Satellite TV at sea

Marine TVRO antenna for seamless TV reception with 60 cm diameter dish

The EPAK R6 is designed for giving you the best Sat-TV at sea experience in the challenging conditions of urban areas, thanks to its 60 cm diameter dish and the powerful and robust structure. The optional LNB Quattro version together with one or more multi switches allows to connect to the antenna as many receivers as you need. This solution is thus suggested to those who need to provide TV on boat experience to a large number of people on different televisions, e.g. cruise ships.


Icon - Satellites

Several satellites to select from
You can store several satellites and easily switch between them using a shortlist.

Icon - Receivers

Connect several receivers
By using multi-switches you can have any number of receivers watching different TV channels at the same time.

Icon -DivKit

A dual antenna system provides remedy if the installation location is not ideal. The DivKit automatically switches to the antenna with a clear view and thus prevents interruptions due to obstruction.

Icon - Help Desk

Help Desk
Technical support and free remote assistance and available any time during and after warranty.

Icon - diversity kit


Diversity kit for automatic handover in a dual antenna system

Icon - frequently asked questions

FAQ Installation

Check our frequently asked questions, all you need to know about installation.


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