Designed to bring SD or HD satellite TV on-board

EPAK marine TV antennas track the satellite signal while the ship is in motion. The fully automated systems can operate on all Ku-Band services worldwide.  EPAK's TV satellite antennas are easy to install/operate and allow access to thousands of TV channels from all over the world, for instance on Hispasat, Astra, Thor, Nilesat or Hotbird. Their reliability and performance have gained the trust of many public and private customers.

a boat sailing in deep see

"DS" stands for Deep Sea

Our DS antennas have undergone extensive development in 2020. This includes the addition of a fourth movement axis and the conversion to tracking with 6D inertial sensors. This allows tracking speeds of up to 50°/second to be achieved. The antennas have an automatically tracking skew and an extended elevation range of up to 120° and can thus provide reliable signal quality for the toughest requirements on rough seas.

The DS antennas offer additional features such as control via a web interface, the possibility of remote maintenance or a plug-and-play SIM card input for low-cost and fast LTE Internet.

"EPAK" stands for Quality

Regardless of whether 60 cm, 90 cm or 130 cm, you will be impressed by the performance of the TV reception. EPAK antennas are developed and manufactured in Germany and are subject to strict quality standards. To ensure the longevity of the antennas, we use high quality and seawater resistant materials.

marine antenna dome on a yacht

Sat-TV Antennas Comparison Table | PRO (3 axis + skew)

Picture of a 60 cm radome
Picture of a 90 cm radome
Picture of a 130 cm radome
Reflector Diameter
Reflector Diameter 60 cm 90 cm 130 cm
Radome DxH
Radome DxH (cm)
73 x 81 111 x 114 153 x 168
Weight 50 Kg 75 Kg 120 Kg
Minimum E.I.R.P.
Minimum E.I.R.P. 46 dBW 43 dBW 40 dBW


Quattro Quattro Quattro
Max. Tracking Speed
Max. Tracking Speed 50°/s 50°/s 35°/s
Elevation Range
Elevation Range -15° to +120° -15° to +120° -20° to +115°
Skew Range
Skew Range Automated -120° to +120° Automated -120° to +120° Automated -120° to +120°
Cross Level Range
Cross Level Range -45° to +45° -45° to +45° -45° to +45°
Max. Ship Motion
Max. Ship Motion Roll ±40° @6 sec
Pitch ±30° @6 sec
Yaw ±15° @6 sec
Roll ±30° @6 sec
Pitch ±20° @6 sec
Yaw ±8° @6 sec
Roll ±30° @9 sec
Pitch ±20° @9 sec
Yaw ±8° @12 sec
Motion System
Motion System 3-axis + auto skew 3-axis + auto skew 3-axis + auto skew