Integration of a fourth motion axis makes tracking faster and more flexible

4-motion-axis maritime satellite system

The advantages at a glance:

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Quality Performance

Speed of 50° /s per axis and highest tracking accuracy for a stable connection in stormy weather and rough seas.

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New Design

Robust construction with additional roll axis for extended range of motion. Improved design based on 20 years of experience in maritime satellite communication.

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Plug and Go Calling

Slots for local SIM cards integrated in the ACU. Easy switching to 3G/ 4G network.

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Remote Control

Web interface for configuration and performance analysis. Live monitoring of antenna data and satellite link performance on your mobile or PC.

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High BUC Power

Equipped with powerful transmitter units -up to 40W for increased upload performance.

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Help Desk

Remote assistance and technical support available any time during and after warranty.

20 Years of Quality Engineering Made in Germany