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Tips for your application and job interview

Application: Documents should include a cover-letter, CV, and relevant references and certificates. Obviously, we first look for qualification and skills that match our requirements. Second, we like to get an idea about the candidates personality: interests, achievements, motivation. Highlight what you are passionate about, but keep it short and simple.

Arriving for an Interview: Finding a parking space and the correct entrance to our company can be tricky. Allow 5- 10 minutes extra and avoid the stress.

Dress code: Business casual (No need to wear a suit, unless you like it.)

Course of the interview: We usually start with an introduction on both sides and then go through the candidates work experience. Have some examples ready that give an insight about your skills. The description of a real life project and how you dealt with a challenge can tell us much about how you can fit with the team and how likely you are to master the tasks we are looking to put on you.

Ask questions! Because this is no one-way-appraisal. Before you commit yourself to spending your energy and time with us every day, you have the right to know what it will be like.

You will sit face to face with two or three of our colleagues, depending on the position you apply for. Consider this amount of attention as a compliment. We are also full of expectations about a new colleague and well-disposed towards all candidates. There will be no stress tests or puzzles to solve. We just want to get to know you a bit.

After the interview: We consult, evaluate and usually send an answer within a couple of days.

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