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What's in it for you?


You learn a lot in your job:

From day 1 you start taking on responsibilities. Opportunities arise almost daily for those who are eager to learn and to grow. Structures and tasks are not static and can be adjusted according to interest and best fit.

We work side by side. The next department is only on the other side of the hallway and interdisciplinary problem solving is regular practice. If you care to look beyond your immediate task and ask questions, you can broaden the horizon of your understanding for how things work as a whole.

Unique Experience

We work hard and focus on results but we are not stiff as a poker. There is occasion and time for a joke, a match of table football or some coffee and cake.

We value flat hierarchies and open doors. Sit with the CEO for lunch and discuss your ideas if you like. Some of our best product ideas were born like this.


Sure, in the end the company is about paying bills, making a margin and growing the business. But a big share of our daily concern is about driving innovation, testing technical features, giving superior customer support, working smoothly as a team and improving day by day. Everybody's input is recognized and we are proud to see our ideas and work turned to tangible products.

Work-Life Balance

We care for results more than for your time sheet - which is why we keep flexible working hours. Something urgent comes up and you need to take the day off tomorrow? Usually no problem, we just need to coordinate. The concept is "Give and Take" - in turn we expect that you will not let the team down when a project needs finishing.

Career Prospects

EPAK is a growing company and is recognized worldwide in the maritime sector. Yet, in mid-sized companies the typical career steps differ from those in big companies. What we offer is a space for your personal and professional development, we trust you with responsibility and the resources to make things happen.

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