Troubleshooting Guide Maritime Antenna Systems

If your TVRO or VSAT system malfunctions, you will find an error message on the control unit display. Please observe the following notes for troubleshooting.

TVRO and VSAT antenna systems

no dishControl unit cannot communicate with E-Box.
  • Check antenna to control unit cable
  • Check antenna unit's power supply (12V ..36V)
  • Test rotary joint for fault.
StandbyAntenna has no power OR antenna could not find satellite for 15 mins.
  • Check the error message seen before ("lowVsup" or "No dish")
  • Recheck antenna's power supply
ErrorComCommunication error with antenna unit.
  • Turn unit off and after 3 seconds on again
LowVsupPower supply too low (< 11.5 Volt).
  • Check if power supply connection to antenna unit is too low (<11.5V) (loose cable..) or any voltage drop
  • Check if voltage supply is continuous or it drops/varies sometimes
  • Check for high resistance/load
  • Check voltage on slip ring
  • If there is sufficient voltage & low load, then the E-Box is faulty
Err HR
Err HW
Read / Write error of horizontal unit.

Turn the unit off and on again. In case the error reoccurs, call for technical assistance.

In case of errors regarding limit switches:
Check all moving parts for non-blocking functionality.

Err ULS / Err LLS:

  • Check lose cable connection
  • fault in sensor, plug or cable -> exchange sensor / cable
  • Magnet is missing or screw is not correctly positioned -> check using limit switch tester
Err VR
Err VW
Read / Write error of vertical unit.
Err SR
Err SW
Read / Write error of signal processing unit.
Err PR
Err PW
Read / Write error of polarisation unit.
Err VCOError during satellite inspection.
Err EEPError during storage.
Err IICError in internal communication.
Err TrckError in tracking module.
Error in upper / lower limit switch.
Error in eastern / western limit switch.
Err SaveError while saving satellite.
  • Repeat search and store. Make sure the boat is not moving and has no blockage
  • Try to save the satellite in different scan-bands
  • If issue persists, after multiple retries, then replace E-Box
Err SkewCable connection from E-Box to Skew-Box may be defective.
  • Check the connection between E-Box and Skew-Box
Wait GPSAntenna is waiting for valid GPS data OR Problem with GPS reception at current location.
  • GPS signal is jammed by another signal source
  • GPS receiver is defective
<Short!>There is a short circuit in the connection
between control unit and antenna.
  • Check RX cable connection to antenna and rotary joint inside the antenna

Sat X alternating with

(TVRO systems)

TX off alternating with
Satellite name

(VSAT systems)

No reception of the stored satellite.
  • Check if something obstructs the sight to the satellite
  • Reception can be interrupted by passing boats
scanning alternating with
No receivable satellite signal in the entire search range OR LNB defective OR LNB cable is defective.
  • Check for line-of-sight issues
  • Check, by using footprint cards (e.g., whether the boat is inside the coverage area (footprint)
  • Check antenna to control unit cable
  • Check power to LNB
  • Verify tracking frequencies
update recoSaved satellite data is not completely similar to the real data measured by the antenna.
  • Update the stored satellite or delete and make new setup
BlockedNo reception of the stored satellite.
  • Check for line-of-sight issues
No DataNo frequency programmed.
  • Read the current frequencies via progsoft and verify if a valid frequency is present for the current scnband. If not, try to make a new setup with another scnband.
  • Verify latest frequencies via lyngsat and reprogram antenna

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