All-inclusive VSAT package

EPAK maritime VSAT services

Broadband Internet at sea

Fast and stable marine internet connection
Up to 8 Mbit/s via satellite as standard option
Higher Download rates available on request
Unlimited data plans or pay-as-you-go
VoIP Phone optional
Managed solutions for crew and passengers


Personal consultancy
On-site installation and commissioning
Flexible Tariffs
Private access to Online Monitoring
24/7 phone support
Free-of-charge remote support and software updates

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Satellite Internet

Satellite-Internet at sea in Ku-Band: unlimited data volume & hardware

World map with satellite coverage
Worldwide Coverage 1 + 90 cm maritime VSAT Antenna DSi9Ku

Download28 Mbit/s
Upload21 Mbit/s
Data Volume3unlimited
Download24 Mbit/s
Upload2512 kbit/s
Data Volume3unlimited
Download22 Mbit/s
Upload2256 kbit/s
Data Volume3unlimited
Download21 Mbit/s
Upload2128 kbit/s
Data Volume3unlimited

(1) (2) (3)

(1) Service contours are purely indicative and subject to change without notice. Any graphical representation is provided for marketing purposes only and is not intended to be a legally binding service level commitment by EPAK. Quotation subject to availability.
(2) Shared Service with CIRs in kbp/s: Gold: Down 1.638 Mbps Up 204.8 Kbps, Silver: Down 819.2 Kbps Up 102.4 Kbps, Bronze: Down 409.6 Kbps Up 51.2 KKbps, Starter: Down 204.8 Kbps Up 25.6 Kbps
(3) The speed may vary to lower data rates depending on network congestion and Fair Use Policy.

Terms and Conditions

Contract Duration
  • Contracts are available with 12, 24 or 36 months duration.
  • At the end of the subscription the contract is automatically renewed for further 12 months, unless the customer terminates the contract in writing with 3 months notice.
  • Monthly prepayment on 15th of current month for the next month.
  • EXW Leipzig, shipment and installation will be charged separately.
  • All prices are net prices. Local VAT or other taxes can apply.