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Satcom hardware and airtime from one hand

EPAK is developer and manufacturer of stabilized maritime satellite antennas, offering airtime service together with the hardware on request.

The following steps will guide you towards finding the right airtime service.

1. Determine your shipping area

Picture of antenna and radomeDepending on your cruising area we will book your service with one of the satellite operators. Knowing the different prices, we can find the best option for your required coverage. See "Worldwide"or "Europe, Middle East, Atlantic" for details. Many more satcom services covering different geographical areas are available on request.

footprint worldwide maritime satellite internet footprint Europe and Middle East maritime satellite internet

2.Satellite Data Plans | Up and Download speeds

Find a tariff depending on your communication and data needs. Tariffs start form 512kbps and can reach up to 24 Mbps or more. Satellite Data Plans are available as unlimited internet plans or pay-as-you go.

Our standard tariffs are shared services which are much cheaper than dedicated bandwidth and offer best value for money. However you need to be aware that a shared service implies that the bandwidth is shared between a fixed number of users. Available bandwidth therefore ranges from MIR (Maximum Information Rate) in the best case to CIR (Committed Information Rate) at worst. Both MIR and CIR are displayed for your information and decision making. While the speed can be reduced at times due to the constrains detailed above, data volume of unlimited plans is truly unlimited. On request, we also offer you 1:1 data tariffs, where you are guaranteed to have the full bandwidth available.

3. Select a contract duration for airtime

The longer the contract, the lower the monthly rate. Standard terms are 12, 24 or 36 months. On some services shorter periods are available on request. Good to know: Many services have a standby option. If you foresee not to use the service for a certain period you can ask to pause the airtime (Minimum Standby 1 month).

4. Options for complete VSAT solutionsgraphic picture of EPAK's services

A number of add-ons are available to make the broadband service fit your vessel's requirements. We provide network management solutions for your ship, including crew calling, voice over IP, monitoring, prioritization ... Read more here

telemedical-maritime-health-assistanceTelemedical Assistance
antenna arbitratorRedundant Antenna
ku-ka dual vsatConversion Ku/Ka-Band
vessel network managementVessel Network

Based on the above, send us your enquiry for a tailored quote.

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