TV and Internet on Trawlers and Ocean-going Work Boats

Deep sea fishing vessels can go to sea for weeks, or even months at a time under extremely dangerous conditions. Therefore, a reliable communication system via satellite is crucial for the operators and the well-being of the crew. Return on Investment of a VSAT purchase is given by the extension of the satellite connection to more and more business applications.

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Ship efficiency: fast internet for automation of data processes and operations
Safety and Security: maritime satellite communication helps manage risk and meet regulatory standards
Crew welfare services: increasing satisfaction and morale of the crew through modern entertainment media and real-time communication with their families


Television on Board

Specifically designed to bring SD or HD satellite TV on-board.

Internet at Sea

Top-performing satellite Internet connection on-board.

Airtime & Support

EPAK offers airtime service together with the hardware on request.

Picture of a workboat
Pictures of workboats at harbour

Offshore TV and VSAT tailored to the needs of the fishing industry:
Coverage across routes and fishing grounds
Tailored plans to the fishing calendar
Flat rates with unlimited Internet
Very low call rates
Regional DDI
Crew access management
Wi-Fi on board
Regions covered
by satellite reception:
Baltic Sea
Barents Sea
North Sea
Norwegian Sea
Irish Sea
English Channel
South Western Waters
North Western Waters