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TVRO S4 (45 cm)

TVRO S4 (45cm)


A light marine satellite TV antenna for the open calm seas

The EPAK® S4 is a light-weighted and small marine TV antenna (only 12 kg and 45 cm dish diameter) designed to work properly in open calm seas, thanks to a tracking speed higher than the R-Series'one.

Optionally equipped with a Twin LNB, which allows you to connect two independently receivers, our compact marine TV antenna is able to memorize up to 20 different satellite frequencies.

45 cm
Radome dimensions (D/H)
55 cm x 55 cm
12 Kg
Elevation range
+5° to +85°
Max. tracking speed
Number of receivers
1 / 2
Number of satellites storable

Dual VSAT systemEPAK stabilized antenna tracking systemheadend icon

Reflector & Feed subsystem
Reflector diameter45 cm (17.73")
Minimum E.I.R.P.49 dBW
LNBUniversal Linear (LOF 9.75/10.6 GHz) or Highband Circular (LOF 10.75 GHz)
or other LNB on request
LNB typeSingle or Twin
Frequency10.7 - 12.75 GHz
Antenna gain33.7 dBi @ 12.5 GHz
Position acquisitionInternal GNSS (GPS)
Tracking receiverInternal, 950 - 2150 MHz; BW 2.5 - 10 MHz
Drive subsystem
Tracking technologyEPAK® Evo: Electronic Beam Forming (EBF-Gyro) + 3D Rate Gyro + 3D inertial + GNSS
Maximum tracking speed40°/s (each axis)
Azimuth rangeUnlimited
Elevation range+5° to +85°
Skew movementManual
Maximum ship motionRoll: ±30° @ 6 sec
Pitch: ±20° @ 6 sec
Yaw: ±8° @ 6 sec
Ship motion (for stabilization accuracy tests)Roll: ±30° @ 10-12 sec
Pitch: ±20° @ 8-10 sec
Yaw: ±8° @ 15 sec
Motion system2-axis plus sew
Power Specification
Power supply14-32 V DC
Power consumption20-40 VA
Lock on timeTyp. 20 sec
Satellite acquisitionCompletely automated by SatFingerprint technology
Satellite positionsUp to 4 freely programmable active positions / Preconfigured database
Satellite selectionManually via  control unit or via receiver (DiSEqC™ V1.0 command)
EPAK Diversity-Kit compatibleYes
Operating temperature-20°C to 55°C
Storage temperature-30°C to 85°C
Antenna Control Unit
Power supply12-20 V DC (powered by receiver)
Power consumption100 mA
Dimensions & Weight
Radome (D × H)55 cm × 55 cm (21.67" × 21.67")
Weight (incl. radome)12 kg (26.46 lbs)
Shipping dimensions
Box typeCardboard box
Dimensions - gross weight58 cm x 58 cm x 84 cm - 17 Kg (22.83" x 22.83" x 33.07" - 37.4 lbs)

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* It is possible to connect more receivers, then all viewers can receive the same band.

Further information can be found on the TVRO wiring scheme.


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