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A perfectly functioning network management tool is the key for anyone who needs to supervise and optimize several ship operations. An effective vessel network manager constitutes a fundamental guarantee of reliability, control and top-performance in terms of organization and fleet safety requirements.

The Vessel Network Management offers operational efficiency, network control, crew hotspot & crew calling access for your FBB or VSAT data service including BYOD functionality (smartphone, tablet or laptop).

Our Vessel Network Management system is a powerful and convenient enterprise-grade router for controlling a multi-person ship network on all satellite broadband installations.

EVO2 router and web-based platform makes airtime count for the unique needs of satellite Internet users.


Main Features:

Network management at sea - control panel
Control Panel
Complete monitoring and control.
Network management at sea - VoIP
VoIP/Voice services
Make calls with both VoIP (Internet) and Voice (Satellite) with a single crew calling card.
Network management at sea - Hotspot
Hotspot management
Manage and control crew, passenger and operational data access by User-based or PIN-code.
Network management at sea - automation
Control vessels network, firewall, port forwarding etc. anytime anywhere by using two-levels authentication security.
Vessel network management - web compression
Web compression
http data consumption up to 50% reduced.
Vessel network management - web filtering
Web filtering
Domain-name filtering divided into categories with a database of 460 million webpages.
Vessel network management - stats reporting
Netstats reporting
Detail monitor of bandwidth consumption (business, crew, VoIP).
Vessel network management - byod Bring Your Own Device
BYOD: seafarers can access data services using their own smartphone, tablet or laptop.
wifi at sea - wan
Multi WAN
Centralized control of all individual connection modes (FBB, VSAT, 3G, Wi-Fi).
wifi at sea - auto getaway Auto Getaway Selection
Automated polling for the most reliable internet getaway. Control cost and bandwidth automatically.
wifi at sea - true failover

True Failover
Double the hardware, double the power supplies so you are never offline.

wifi at sea - user interface

Windows-based user interface
Windows application for manual override.

marine management system - 3G

Expandable 3G/LTE Modules
Option for additional features.

A set of fair use policies and traffic priorizations.