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EPAK GmbH - German producer and developer of automatic satellite tracking systems - has been committed to give you the most qualified and efficient satellite systems for marine TV (TVRO) and marine Internet (VSAT) .


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"How to have satellite marine TV on ship?" EPAK has the answer, with its wide range of marine antennas for every necessity.

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Founded in the year 2000 in Leipzig, EPAK has been in 2013 the first company in the world to roll-out the first available maritime Ka-Band VSAT antenna, redefining the rules of the market.
A courageous and visionary step in the field of satellite communications, for a well experienced and still motivated by the pursuit of constant enhancement enterprise that perfectly explains the philosophy behind our work: a continuous aim for innovation, mixing together the professionalism and background of our more experienced engineers with the talents and creativity of lots of fresh-degree graduates, actual engine and precious asset of the company.

EPAK's offer is made of a wide range of marine satellite antennas, each of them specifically thought for the most different applications at sea, in order to meet everyone's need: from 45 to a maximum of 130cm dish diameter, the antennas are divided depending on the use into two big groups: TVRO for marine television and VSAT for marine internet.

Our marine satellite systems are state-of-the-art solutions that will surely meet your expectations, as they have been doing for years.